HOJDAVAK MAXI black - a water-repellent finish

new extra durable fabric

HOJDAVAK MAXI black - a water-repellent finish


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Producer: Hojdavak


New! Choose according to your preferences the color of the rope (white X black), which connects the wooden spacer with the wooden sides and the filling of the bag (felt X PUR mattress). The PUR mattress provides a higher level of comfort thanks to its softness and adaptability.

Hojdavak MAXI is a textile hammock for adults and adolescents manufactured in the Czech Republic to our own design. Thanks to a small pillow, you can have a comfortable lie-down, read a book, or otherwise relax at your leisure.

To make the product, we use a quality fabric made of 100% polyester with a water-repellent finish. All other components are outsourced or purchased from Czech suppliers. By purchasing this product, you are helping the development of sheltered workshops.

The Hojdavak MAXI hammock is intended for rocking, sitting and lying down - its maximum bearing capacity is 120 kg.


You can choose between white and black rope.

Each pack contains:

  • hammock sling - 100% polyester with a water-repellent finish
  • OPTIONAL: felt or PUR mattress to fill the pocket - size 140 x 40 cm
  • 80cm spacing bar made of hard beech wood
  • Two 40cm suspension bars made of hard beech wood
  • Snap hook
  • OPTIONAL: white or black polypropylene rope with a core of dia. 7 mm for the connection of the wooden spacer and the wooden sides
  • Pillow (30x50cm) with a zipped pillowcase
  • Instructions for use
  • Non-woven textile case

Where to hang your hammock?
For adolescents, it is recommended to hang the hammock in their room or in the living room where the family spends most of its time. The garden is also a good place to suspend your hammock (on a tree), as well as any terrace or loggia. To cut a long story short, any resting place you fancy.

To make your hammock last, take care of it according to the Instructions for use. If your hammock is used out of doors, protect it from rain and extreme weather.

Select your suspension system HERE.

HOJDAVAK MAXI black - a water-repellent finish
HOJDAVAK MAXI black - a water-repellent finish

204 €

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