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When choosing a payment card, you will be automatically redirected to the payment gateway. If the payment is made correctly, we know about it immediately and we can send you the goods as soon as possible. You will receive an invoice to your e-mail after the goods have been shipped.

When choosing by bank transfer, we will send you payment details (pre-invoice) by e-mail. The delivery date is affected by the payment date (we ship after the payment has been credited to our account). The amount must be credited to our account no later than five working days after the order, otherwise we will send a notification and then cancel the order.
You will receive an invoice to your e-mail after the goods have been shipped.

Cash on delivery at the courier. Or at the GLS courier's point of issue. You will receive an invoice in your email upon receipt of payment to our account.


GLS - Delivery to your address
GLS will inform you via SMS and e-mail on the day of submission about the delivery of the package. The courier will call you shortly to inform you of your approximate delivery time.

GLS - Delivery to the collection point
Choose any collection point throughout the Czech Republic directly in the order. The package should be ready for collection at the address provided within 2 working days of submission. GLS will inform you about the package via SMS and e-mail on the day of submission. The package will wait for you 5 working days before it is sent back to us.


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