1. Which variant of Hojdavak should I choose for a 9-month-old baby?
If you have a problem sleeping and your baby is still restless, we recommend buying Hojdavak Baby XL. This variant of the cradle is 30 cm longer than the standard size and can be used for several more months. It includes a spring, which ensures the movement of the baby known from the belly. Load capacity is 15kg. When using, it is necessary to keep the baby in sight for safety reasons.

2. Is Hojdavak Junior suitable for babies?
Hojdavak Junior serves children from the age of about 3, when they can operate it themselves and roam in it. It no longer includes a spring, so it only swings from side to side. When using Hojdavak Junior for babies, we recommend purchasing a mattress with a layer of buckwheat pods and putting it in a bag (not in a pocket designed for a blanket). For small children, we recommend hanging just above the ground and both they grow and give it higher. Children under the age of 3 can only use the Junior under adult supervision.

3. Can the baby sleep in Hojdavak Maxi?
Hojdavak Maxi is primarily intended for relaxation of adults and older children. If you decide to use it for babies as well, you need to realize that this type of Hojdavak does not have a spring that provides such a popular swing up and down. When used for a baby, we recommend purchasing a mattress with a layer of buckwheat pods and inserting it into Maxi. Weigh the side panels according to the instructions so that they are in a horizontal position. Never leave a baby in Hojdavak Maxi without the supervision of an adult.

4. Is Hojdavak Baby suitable for a baby sleeping at night?
Hojdavak Baby is designed for daily sleeping and sleeping of babies. The cradle does not replace a cot for a night's sleep. We recommend using Hojdavak Baby at night only in emergency situations when the baby is crying and cannot sleep. When using, it is necessary to keep the baby in sight for safety reasons.

5. How are Hojdavak Baby and Baby XL different?
Variant XL contains a textile bag, which is 30 cm longer at the place of lying than variant STANDARD. The length of the XL bag bed is 120 cm. The bigger variant is for larger babies, who usually have higher parents or their parents reached above-average weight or length at birth. Both variants have the same use - they serve babies to sleep and sleep during the day from birth to about 9 months with a load capacity of max. 15 kg. Both variants contain the same components.

6. What is the purpose of the safety rope at the spring?
The safety rope is used to secure Hojdavak Baby in case of destruction (stretching, cracking) of the spring. The rope must always pass through the upper screw link, the spring and the carabiner located on the lower part of the spring. When the spring is fully extended, the rope must hold the cradle approx. 10 cm above the ground.

7. Can the screw and dowel be used to attach the Hojdavak to the wood (eg pergola)?
The screw we have on offer is intended for use with a monolithic concrete dowel. The manufacturer does not recommend the use of a screw without a dowel (the screw is not self-tapping - it has a blunt thread) and is therefore not suitable for use in wood. For suitable screws, contact specialists from the construction industry, eg in a hobby market.


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