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Nikola 26.1.2016 11:52.12

Hello, we acquired Hojdavak, as we were at a loss as to how to make our little Žofinka sleep. She used to cry all the time, and would not go to sleep without being rocked in our arms for an hour; when we succeeded at last, she would soon wake up and everything would start all over again. Hojdavak broke this vicious cycle and saved Daddy from a nervous breakdown :) Now that she is older, we mainly use Hojdavak for little naps during the day, to prevent her being tired and petulant. Our little darling adores Hojdavak, and we couldn't praise it enough, too. Thank you very much for this product, and all the best!

Petra Fuchsová 23.10.2015 20:47.28

Good evening. Thank you, my saviours :-) We acquired Hojdavak a few days ago for our three-month old, eight kilo weighing prince who suffers from colic all the time, and I was spending my nights rocking him. Complete change. My little one falls asleep at 8 p.m. and I keep him in the Hojdavak the whole evening. When going to bed, we only carry him to our bedroom, and my prince goes on sleeping :) During the day, he sleeps nowhere else, and I have at last some time to do normal house cleaning; I have even been able to look at some work. A really perfect little contrivance. Thank you again :-) Petra F.

mirka majdova 14.8.2015 0:00.00

Hello, my husband ordered a Hojdavak almost 3 months ago, after an especially awful night. It seemed an ill-considered step to me, as our son was nearly 5 months old at the time: I didn't believe he would get used to Hojdavak at that age, and I knew it could only be used up to about 9 months of age, so it seemed unnecessary to me for "a few months..." but I was able to see, once more, that men simply know what should be done:) My little darling got used to it very soon: at first, he just liked the bouncing, but wouldn't go to sleep. Then he understood that going to sleep and sleeping in Hodajvak can be very pleasant for both the baby and Mummy. He sleeps there wonderfully during the day; he still wakes up often during the night, but with the difference that I am no longer required to lift him, feed him, and carry him around every single time, but just to rock him a bit from my comfortable bed - and he goes back to sleep. We carry our Hojdavak everywhere with us (to the beach, to the forest, to our summer cottage, to my parents'...), where all other mothers scrutinize it with envy, and my son can always sleep in his own bed. We are very happy and promote your product wherever we go;). I recommend it very much to anybody who has problems with their baby's sleep. I would like to ask whether an extra mattress can be purchased, as ours got pretty dirty right in the beginning and is impossible to clean. Thank you in advance for your answer. I wish you many other good ideas.

Lucie Hrdinová 14.11.2014 0:00.00

Hello, we purchased Hojdavak about 2 weeks ago on our friends' recommendation, with the hope it would help. It did! :) Our baby is very agitated and difficult to put to sleep, it used to be practically impossible to calm her down, let alone to put her to sleep during the day! Now she sleeps beautifully in her Hojdavak and we have, at last, enough time to go to the toilet or to eat in peace :) It's not that she has stopped crying altogether, but Hojdavak reduced her crying a lot. In fact, it saved our physical and mental health ;) Thank you! Please find a photo of our contented little girl attached. Have a nice day, Lucie

Zbynek Zridkavesely 10.4.2014 0:00.00

I recommend it warmly. Our little girl falls asleep after only a short bouncing. It is no longer necessary to put her down somewhere and just hope this won't wake her up :) A tremendous relief for our aching backs and arms. Both parents are absolutely happy.

Roman Filgas www 25.11.2013 0:00.00

Hello, I am a man, so that I know what Hojdavak means for our family. I only recommend to drill in a place where watching TV won't cause your neck to ache :-) no, really, HOJDAVAK is excellent help mainly for fathers watching football for example :-) our son is happy in there and often falls asleep much earlier and without unnecessary crying, I warmly recommend it!!! Filgas Roman :-)

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