Ceiling Mounting Kit (monolithic concrete 200 kg) - BABY + MAXI

Ceiling Mounting Kit (monolithic concrete 200 kg) - BABY + MAXI

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Ceiling screw + dowel + 2 m extension rope

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For the safe installation of the anchor technique in the ceiling, we recommend consulting with experts from the FISCHER company (https://www.fischer.co.uk/en-gb), whose products are of high quality and certified. Expert Consultants will gladly advise you on a specific solution that you can then buy from their distributors or hobby marketers. Very much depends on the material in the ceiling (concrete, brick, wood, plasterboard, ....) and its properties such as friability or porosity. Everything has a solution :-)

PACKAGE CONTENT: ceiling screw + dowel + rope extension 2 m = LOAD CAPACITY min. 200 kg

1 / Ceiling screw

  • GS 12 x 90 stmp. Fischer
  • length 12 cm

2 / Dowel

  • Duopower 14 x 70
  • Material - monolithic concrete, bearing capacity min. 200 kg
  • Drill diameter - 14 mm

3/ Rope

  • braided polyester rope with knitted core
  • Colour: white
  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • Length: 2 m
  • Guaranteed bearing capacity: 200 kg
  • High tensile strength and abrasion resistance
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Keep the rope away from any heat sources and chemicals!

Check the rope regularly for any signs of abrasion – mechanical damage can substantially reduce its bearing strength.

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