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Light up the eyes of your little ones when swinging and frolicking with the Hojdavak Junior swing for children from 3 years of age with a maximum load of 50 kg. The swing is safe, playful and great to relax. Younger children from the age of 1.5 will usually win with it, but up to the age of 3 only under the supervision of an adult.

The junior, who resembles a children's chair, just hangs just above the ground so that the child can climb into it or sit on its own. We use the same quality Czech materials for production as for the Hojdavak Baby cradle with the Öko-Tex Standard 100 class 1 quality certificate (for the youngest children up to 3 years of age).

Junior is a great gift for all children who like swinging and live entertainment. On the contrary, even the most alert can naturally calm the swing when they need a break





We offer:

  • Ceiling Mounting Kit for monolithic concrete
  • Doorway Mounting Kit
  • Stand-Alone Frame - grey

More you can find in E-shop: here

For the safe installation of the anchor technique in the ceiling, we recommend consulting with experts from the FISCHER company, whose products are of high quality and certified. Expert Consultants will gladly advise you on a specific solution that you can then buy from their distributors or hobby marketers. Very much depends on the material in the ceiling (concrete, brick, wood, plasterboard, ....) and its properties such as friability or porosity. Almost everything has a solution :-)


Successful use of the crib depends very much on its correct placement! Install it where you spend the most time during the day, keep your baby in sight and where you can sit / lie down and swing to the cradle comfortably. You will welcome the opportunity to relax while sleeping, take care of another child, read a book or work on a laptop. Ideally, secure a second suspension to your bed for night use.


All information is in Instructions for use for donwload: HERE


Read the instructions for use carefully and use the product accordingly – Any changes or adjustments to the producs negatively impacting its safety and health features are forbidden. Do not install the hammock near any fire or other heat source.

Do not leave your child unattended – As soon as your child is able to sit or move around in the Hojdavak hammock unaided, the hammock should only be used when an adult is present. The manufacturer is not responsible or liable for any accidents. The hammock is not intended for playing.

Do not exceed the 15 kg maximum weight – Risk of spring deformation or rupture.

Check the safety cable on a regular basis – The cable must pass through the spring, the snap hook, and the chain link. Adjust its length so as to allow for free movement of the spring, and to keep the hammock above ground even in the event of spring failure.

Check the condition of all cables regularly – They must be in perfect condition, with no mechanical wear or tear. If you find even the slightest damage, replace the cable immediately!

Check the soundness of the suspension system regularly – Ceiling screw, doorway bar, stand-alone frame. Install your hammock only in locations that can safely bear the load. Pay attention to plasterboard ceilings or other cladding. In such cases, always consult a specialist before hanging the hammock there. Test the soundness of any screws and supports by using your own body weight.

Packaging – After unpacking the product, all plastic bags used for packaging must be kept out of reach of children aged 3 or less.







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