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Welcome to the world of Hojdavaks. We are a Czech and Slovak family company manufacturing the HOJDAVAK branded textile baby hammock, swings for children and hanging chairs for adults.

As do all parents, we want only the best for our children. During the first year of our son's life, we acquired a large number of various baby products, but only one astounded us in its simplicity and effectiveness. It was a baby hammock. As nobody around us had heard of it, we decided to change the situation and produce Hojdavak Baby.

Asl time went, we have created other original products such as Hojdavak Junior, Maxi and Maximus for our growing children and finally for ourselves.

Your satisfaction with our products and our services is our absolute priority. This is why we work only with quality-focused suppliers who act responsibly in business dealings. We use only Czech products and cooperate with Czech suppliers, including a sheltered workshop.

We sincerely share the happiness of every customer whom our hammocks helps to have a more content baby, happier parents or children. We all need a harmonic and loving family environment as part of our lives.



- YOUR SATISFACTION IN THE 1ST PLACE - we know that only satisfied customers who want to spend time with them can breathe life into our Hojdavaks. We rely on fast and helpful communication, we handle complaints within 5 days.

- QUALITY AND SAFETY - we produce from high-quality and health-friendly materials, usually Czech, and we test the products not only in practice but also at an independent testing institution before they are put on the market.

- RESPONSIBILITY TO NATURE AND SOCIETY - in every activity we have in mind to be kind to nature and considerate to society. We are glad that protected workshops are among our reliable suppliers and we can thus support their existence.

- SIMPLE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - simplicity, practicality and variability are reflected in every product.

- CONTACT PARENTING - we perceive it as important to be in physical and mental contact with children, to be connected with them, to perceive their inner world. We support conscious births, wearing babies in a sling, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and individual education.

For the Hojdavak Team

Petra Holá

The founder of Hojdavak Brand


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