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A hanging textile swing for children from 3 years

91,60 € incl. VAT

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Producer: Hojdavak

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Hojdavak JUNIOR is a hanging textile swing designed for children from 3 years, manufactured in the Czech Republic according to our own design.
Hojdavak Junior is designed not only for the child to rest in, but also for his or her active play.
We use 100% cotton with a certificate for children under 3 years. The remainder of parts are made to order or bought from Czech suppliers. Purchase of the product will support the development of sheltered workshops.

Hojdavak JUNIOR is to be used for swinging, sitting and lying of children from 3 years. Maximum load capacity is 50 kg.

Product variants:
1/ Basic - basic hammock WITHOUT pillow
2/ Plus - the pack INCLUDES a pillow + pillowcase (30x50cm) at your choice at a discount price

The package contains the following components:
- 100% cotton hammock, with a safety certificate
- Fleece blanket
- Wooden spacing bar made of hard beech wood - 3 pcs
- Snap hook
- Polyamide braided rope with a core (diameter of 5mm)
- Instructions for use
- Textile cover

Where to hang?
Given the low age group Hojdavak Junior can be used from, it is recommended, for small children especially, to hang the swing in a place or area where you spend the most of the time - e.g. kitchen or living room, in order to be able to keep an eye on the child's play. Children first like to experiment with the swing and it is always good to have their play in sight.

The basic package DOES NOT CONTAIN the hammock SUSPENSION system. To be chosen HERE


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