Dream catcher - cream

Dream catcher - cream

Dream catcher

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Producer: Hojdavak

Dreams of dreams, used for many years to symbolize evil dreams. They also act as a protective element that improves the flow of qi energy, slows down and scatters harmful energy streams in the room and prevents energy leakage. The dream trap captures good dreams and bad guys. It should be hung in the room where the person is asleep, preferably near the window or door, in order to ensure the best possible sleep, then the waking state. To improve Chi flow, it is recommended to hang it on the wall.

Dimensions - wheel diameter 8cm, length approx. 25cm

Used material
- wooden elements
- ostrich feathers
- Crochet yarn

Packed in a white box with a visor - size A4


- handmade - each piece is a "unique" original
- the dream trap is NOT a toy but serves ONLY as a decorative element to hang on a wall or in a space
- The dream trap contains small beads, threads and feathers that are dangerous for babies and young children up to the age of min. 4 years


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Hojdavak was awarded a certificate by TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o.


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