Instructions for Use – please read attentively!

Instruction for use: HERE

Figure 8 bend knot: HERE

Please pay maximum attention to the safety rope! The rope must pass through the spring, the snap hook and the chain link! Adjust the length according to the weight of your baby in a way that, if the spring fails, the hammock will remain suspended above ground on the safety rope! Regularly check the tightness of the knot and the rope for any damage due to rubbing on any of the components. Adjust the length of the rope to your baby's weight and to the desired height of the hammock above the ground. The spring has a maximum bearing capacity of 15 kg.


The Hojdavak Baby Hammock is intended for rocking to sleep, rest and continuous sleep of babies aged 0 to 9 months. Its maximum bearing capacity is 15 kg. The product is certified and complies with stringent EU general product safety standards (EC Directive 2001/95/EC). Any use or conditions of use other than specified by the manufacturer are prohibited!


Any modification of the product that might negatively impact its safety and the health of the baby is prohibited. Do not exceed the 15kg maximum bearing capacity, as there is risk of deformation or rupture of the spring. To bounce the hammock, pull the pull rope carefully downwards. Do not ever leave your baby unattended. The manufacturer is not liable for any accidents. Hojdavak is not intended for playing. Do not suspend the Hojdavak Baby Hammock near any open fire or other strong heat sources. Install only in places that can safely bear the resulting load. Be aware of plasterboard ceilings or other ceiling/wall coating. Check the solidity of any screws and supports by applying a load. Check the solidity of the suspension and the right installation of all parts of the hammock on a regular basis. After unpacking the product, all plastic bags used for packaging must be kept out of reach of children aged 3 or less.

Content of the Pack

  • Textile hammock sling made of 100% cotton, with a safety certificate
  • Mattress of polyurethane foam with a buckwheat pod layer - orthopaedic and non-allergenic, with thermal properties to prevent sweating; 100% cotton cover
  • Spacing bar made of hard beech wood
  • Galvanized steel wire spring
  • Snap hook
  • Chain link
  • Safety rope
  • Pull rope
  • Instructions for use
  • Practical zip-closure bag


Wash the textile sling at 40°C. The mattress may only be cleaned with a wet cloth, as it is non-washable due to the presence of buckwheat pods. The best protection is the bio-cotton cover from our product range. The product lifespan is at least 3 years.

Product disposal: When it has been irreparably damaged or is no longer usable, dismantle the product and separate its individual parts and materials; dispose of these in accordance with applicable law at the time of disposal.







  • Hojdavak Baby I
  • Hojdavak Baby II
  • Hojdavak Baby III
  • Hojdavak Baby IV
  • Hojdavak Baby V
  • Reference
  • Reference
  • Reference
  • Reference
  • Hojdavak Junior I
  • Hojdavak Junior II
  • Hojdavak Junior III
  • Hojdavak Junior IV
  • Hojdavak Junior V
  • Maxi I
  • Maxi II
  • Maxi III
  • Maxi IV
  • Maxi VII


Hojdavak was awarded a certificate by TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o.


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